Case Study

Transforming Borderview YMCA Field into PNC Bank Field

V Group x PNC Bank Field

Elevating Brand Identity:  YMCA of San Diego County, in collaboration with San Diego Wave FC and PNC Bank, sought to revitalize Borderview YMCA’s field, enhancing its visual appeal and promoting community engagement. To accomplish this, they engaged V Group, a leading custom signage and printing company, known for its innovative solutions.

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Challenge:The project’s primary challenge was the tight timeframe. With a deadline of less than a week, V Group needed to conduct a site survey, manage all artwork files, produce, and install a comprehensive signage solution that would transform the entire field into PNC Bank Field, aligning with branding guidelines and ensuring durability against outdoor elements. Strategy: Initial Consultation: V Group initiated discussions with YMCA of San Diego County, San Diego Wave FC, and PNC Bank to understand their vision, branding requirements, and logistical constraints.Material Selection: Considering the outdoor environment and the need for durability, V Group selected high-quality materials suitable for outdoor signage, ensuring longevity and vibrant colors despite exposure to weather conditions. Production: With efficiency in mind, V Group utilized advanced printing technology and streamlined production processes to meet the tight deadline without compromising on quality. Installation: V Group’s experienced installation team coordinated with Borderview YMCA staff to execute the installation swiftly and seamlessly, minimizing disruptions to regular operations. Solution: V Group delivered a comprehensive signage solution that completely transformed Borderview YMCA’s field into PNC Bank Field. The solution included: Large-scale 3M vinyl graphics displaying the PNC Bank and San Diego Wave FC logos, wrapped around the perimeter of the field for maximum visibility. Goal wraps showcasing the PNC Bank and YMCA logos, creating a cohesive branding experience throughout the field. Results: Timely Execution: Despite the tight deadline, V Group successfully completed the project within the specified timeframe, exceeding client expectations. Enhanced Brand Visibility: The vibrant signage solutions significantly enhanced the visual appeal of Borderview YMCA’s field while effectively promoting PNC Bank and San Diego Wave FC’s brands. Community Engagement: The revitalized field, now named PNC Bank Field, has become a focal point for community activities, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among YMCA members and local residents. Positive Feedback: Stakeholders and visitors alike praised the transformation, highlighting the professionalism and attention to detail exhibited by V Group throughout the project. Conclusion: Through effective collaboration and innovative solutions, V Group successfully transformed Borderview YMCA’s field into PNC Bank Field, providing a visually stunning environment that promotes community engagement and strengthens brand presence for YMCA of San Diego County, San Diego Wave FC, and PNC Bank. This project serves as a testament to V Group’s expertise in delivering impactful signage solutions under challenging deadlines.