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In 2020, Teqball USA and V Group formed a partnership. V Group was tasked with creating a wide variety of signage for their events and promotions across the United States. V Group was responsible for manufacturing and installing over 100 custom built metal barriers with graphics, giant letters, banners, and umbrellas among other assets. To begin the process, V Group collaborated closely with Teqball USA to understand their brand values and messaging, and to ensure that the new signage would align with their overall marketing strategy. V Group then created a detailed plan for the manufacturing and installation process, including timelines, budgeting, and resource allocation. The manufacturing process involved creating custom built metal barriers with graphics, giant letters, and banners, all of which featured Teqball USA’s branding and messaging. V Group used a variety of production techniques, including laser cutting, welding, and large format printing, to create the signage. The result was a set of eye-catching and durable signage that could withstand the rigors of outdoor events and promotions. Throughout the project, V Group provided regular updates, and made adjustments as needed to ensure that the signage was consistent with Teqball USA’s brand guidelines and messaging. The result was a successful promotional campaign that helps Teqball USA to better connect with their fans and customers across the United States.