Case Study

San Diego Seals at The Rady Children’s Field

San Diego Seals at The Rady Children's Field

Case Study: V Group’s Signage Wrap for The San Diego Seals at The Rady Children’s Field

Client Overview:

The San Diego Seals, a professional lacrosse team competing in the National Lacrosse League, sought to enhance their brand presence and community engagement through a partnership with The Ryan Family YMCA. As part of this collaboration, they aimed to revitalize the YMCA’s outdoor field, now known as The Rady Children’s Field, with vibrant graphics representing the team’s identity. To execute this vision, they enlisted the expertise of V Group, a leading signage and printing company renowned for its innovative solutions.

Project Objective:

The primary goal was to transform the into a dynamic space that reflected the spirit and energy of the San Diego Seals while promoting the YMCA’s commitment to youth development and community wellness. V Group was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing a comprehensive signage wrap that would envelop the entire field with striking visuals.

Challenges Faced:

  • Scale and Complexity: Wrapping an entire field presented logistical challenges in terms of material requirements, printing precision, and installation logistics.
  • Brand Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of the San Diego Seals’ branding with the YMCA’s existing aesthetics and mission.


  • Collaborative Design Process: V Group collaborated closely with The San Diego Seals to develop a design concept that resonated with the values of the organizations involved.
  • Material Selection: Utilizing weather-resistant, durable materials specifically engineered for outdoor signage applications to ensure longevity and performance.
  • Precision Printing: Employing state-of-the-art printing technologies to achieve high-definition graphics with vibrant colors and sharp details, essential for creating visually impactful wraps at such a large scale.
  • Professional Installation: V Group’s experienced installation team meticulously executed the installation process, ensuring seamless alignment, minimal distortion, and optimal adhesion to the field’s surfaces.


  • Design Phase: V Group’s design team developed a concept that seamlessly integrated the San Diego Seals’ branding elements with the YMCA’s visual identity, emphasizing collaboration and community spirit.
  • Manufacturing: Utilizing advanced printing equipment and premium-quality materials, V Group produced the signage components with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistency and durability.
  • Installation: V Group’s installation crew worked efficiently to apply the signage wrap across the entire field, meticulously aligning each panel to achieve a flawless finish.


The completed signage wrap exceeded expectations, transforming The Rady Children’s Field into a vibrant showcase of the San Diego Seals’ brand and the YMCA’s commitment to community wellness. The bold graphics and striking imagery created an immersive environment that energized players, spectators, and community members alike, fostering a sense of pride and unity.

Client Feedback:

Both The San Diego Seals and The Ryan Family YMCA expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of the project. They praised V Group’s professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail throughout the process, acknowledging the significant impact of the signage wrap in enhancing the field’s ambiance and reinforcing their shared values.


V Group’s successful collaboration with The San Diego Seals and The Ryan Family YMCA demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships and innovative design in transforming spaces and fostering community engagement. By leveraging their expertise in signage and printing, V Group helped create a lasting impression that resonated with stakeholders and spectators alike, leaving a legacy of unity, inspiration, and pride at The Rady Children’s Field.