Case Study

2023 World Lacrosse Men’s Championship

2023 World Lacrosse Men's Championship

The World Lacrosse Men’s Championship, a highly anticipated international sporting event, spanned two weeks across five fields and three venues: San Diego State University (SDSU), University of San Diego (USD), and Snapdragon Stadium. V Group, a leading signage solutions provider, was entrusted with the task of delivering a comprehensive range of signage elements to enhance the championship experience for participants and spectators. 

Client Requirements:

The event organizers approached V Group with specific requirements for signage across the tournament. The scope of work included producing a substantial amount of banners featuring the tournament’s official branding and sponsor logos. Additionally, sideline A-frames, feather flags, and directional signage were requested to provide clear visibility and promote the event’s atmosphere. Credentials were also required

Planning and Design:

V Group initiated the project by conducting a detailed assessment of the venues and understanding the tournament’s layout. Collaborating closely with the event organizers, V Group designed signage elements that aligned with the desired branding and messaging. Taking into account the logistical challenges of multiple venues and fields, V Group devised a comprehensive plan for the production and deployment of the signage.


With the requirements and designs finalized, V Group’s production team commenced the manufacturing process. The team efficiently printed and fabricated over 20,000 square feet of banners, ensuring they adhered to the tournament’s branding guidelines. Sideline A-frames and feather flags were also produced to contribute to the event’s vibrant atmosphere.

Credential Production:

V Group streamlined the credential production process by utilizing digital printing technologies. The credentials featured the event branding and incorporated participant information. By employing efficient printing methods, V Group was able to produce thousands of credentials in a timely manner.

Event Execution:

Throughout the World Lacrosse Men’s Championship, V Group’s signage played a pivotal role in creating a visually captivating environment. The banners, strategically hung around the fields and venues, showcased the tournament’s branding and created an immersive atmosphere for players, spectators, and sponsors. The sideline A-frames and feather flags added vibrancy to the event and further reinforced its identity.

Results and Success:

V Group’s commitment to quality, attention to detail, and effective project management resulted in the successful delivery of the signage for the World Lacrosse Men’s Championship. The comprehensive range of signage elements, including banners, sideline A-frames, feather flags, and directional signage, collectively enhanced the event experience for participants and spectators. The visually appealing signage contributed to the smooth operation of the tournament and improved overall event branding.

Client Feedback:

The organizers of the World Lacrosse Men’s Championship expressed their satisfaction with V Group’s professionalism, timely execution, and the visual impact of the signage solution. They commended the team for their exceptional attention to detail and ability to meet the complex requirements of the event across multiple venues.


V Group’s successful provision of signage for the World Lacrosse Men’s Championship showcases their expertise in delivering comprehensive and impactful signage solutions for large-scale events. Through meticulous planning, precise production, and thoughtful design, V Group effectively communicated the tournament’s branding and messaging to participants and spectators, creating a memorable experience for all involved.