Case Study

2023 Holiday Bowl

V Group x DIRECTV Holiday Bowl

V Group , a leading signage and printing company, recently had the opportunity to showcase its prowess in the industry by providing comprehensive signage solutions for the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl.

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The scope of the project included designing, printing, and installing graphics for the entire outfield of Petco Park, the iconic home of the San Diego Padres.

Client Background:

The DIRECTV Holiday Bowl is a prestigious college football bowl game held annually in San Diego. As a marquee event, it attracts a massive audience both in the stadium and through televised broadcasts. The organizing committee sought a reliable partner to transform Petco Park into a festive and visually stunning venue for the occasion.

Challenges Faced:

V Group faced several challenges in delivering a standout signage solution for the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl:

  • Scale of the Project: Covering the entire outfield of Petco Park required a large-scale production effort to ensure consistent and high-quality graphics across the expansive area.
Branding Consistency: Maintaining the branding consistency of both DIRECTV and the Holiday Bowl within the graphics was crucial to meet the aesthetic and promotional goals of the event.

Installation Logistics: Coordinating the installation process within a limited timeframe without disrupting ongoing activities at Petco Park posed a logistical challenge.


V Group took a systematic and collaborative approach to address the challenges:

  •  Design Phase: The design team collaborated closely with the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl committee to create visually appealing graphics that seamlessly integrated the branding elements of both DIRECTV and the Holiday Bowl. The design process involved multiple iterations to ensure client satisfaction.
Printing Technology: V Group leveraged state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure the highest quality graphics. The use of advanced printing techniques allowed for vibrant colors, durability, and weather resistance to withstand the outdoor conditions at Petco Park.

Project Management: A dedicated project management team was assigned to oversee the logistics of the installation process. This involved detailed planning, coordination with Petco Park staff, and adhering to a tight schedule to meet event deadlines.

Installation Expertise: V Group’s experienced installation team executed the plan meticulously, ensuring that the graphics were flawlessly positioned across the outfield. The team worked efficiently to minimize downtime and disturbances at Petco Park.


The collaboration between V Group and the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl committee resulted in a visually stunning transformation of Petco Park’s outfield. The graphics seamlessly blended the branding elements of DIRECTV and the Holiday Bowl, creating a festive atmosphere for attendees and enhancing the visual appeal of the televised broadcasts.

Key outcomes included:

  •  Brand Visibility: DIRECTV and the Holiday Bowl enjoyed enhanced brand visibility both within the stadium and through media coverage, contributing to a memorable event experience.
Positive Feedback: The signage received positive feedback from event attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders, affirming the success of the collaboration between V Group and the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl.

Logistical Efficiency: V Group’s meticulous planning and execution ensured that the installation process was completed seamlessly within the given timeframe, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence.


V Group’s successful collaboration with the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl showcased its ability to deliver top-notch signage solutions on a grand scale. The project highlighted the company’s creativity, technical expertise, and commitment to meeting the unique challenges posed by high-profile events. As a result, V Group solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in the signage and printing industry, leaving a lasting impression on the landscape of the DIRECTV Holiday Bowl at Petco Park.